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2Simple is a multi-award winning educational software company that started in the UK. 


We make software and apps for Kindergartens and Elementary schools that enable both teachers and students to enjoy a richer learning experience.


Currently our products are sold across 6 of the 7 world continents... we’re working on Antarctica!

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Purple Mash

2Simple Software

Over 80% of primary schools in the UK use our products to enhance the learning experience in their classrooms. Creating simple software with powerful outcomes is the company mission and we have built up a portfolio of over 35 titles and 40 awards since our inauguration in 2000.


After a very positive trial period we officially launched our products in the USA


Our dedicated 2Simple USA website is currently under construction, so stay tuned. For now this page gives you a taster of what's to come and will hopefully get those creative juices flowing.

2Simple Scores A 'Home Run' In The USA

Our adventure in the USA began in 2010 with school teacher Stephanie Lear. Her school (Brown School, Michigan) is twinned with a school in Wales (UK) and that's how she first found out about Purple Mash. She asked if she could use Purple Mash in her classroom, and we thought that sounded like a great idea. She's been using it ever since and has had great results. 


Watch our short video (left hand side) to hear what Stephanie, her colleagues, her students and their parents think about Purple Mash. 


2Simple products are sold around the world in countries such as Australia, South Africa and Japan. We've always intended to move into the American market but we wanted to make sure we were 100% ready. That's why in June 2013 we arranged for Purple Mash & 2Build a Profile (our two main products) to be reviewed by an independent panel of 6 American senior academic professional. The panel included:


  • Themy Sparangis: Head of Instructional Technology – LA Unified School District
  • Heather Beck: Chief Academic Officer – Jefferson County Public Schools 
  • Diana Clapp: Fremont County School District 6 Superintendent - Wyoming 
  • Sheryl Abshire: Chief Technology Officer, Calcasieu Parish - Louisiana
  • Chris Liang-Vergara:  Director of Institutional Technology for Personalized Learning at First Line Schools - Louisiana 


Here's what they had to say:


Purple Mash 

“There’s no doubt the product is rich and better than anything I’ve seen in a long time in terms of creativity and student development of a work product.”

“What resonates is the user interface for preK, kindergarten, and primary grades - getting early-elementary kids into digital literacy.”

“You’ve nailed participatory learning."


2Build  a Profile

“For any [district] that’s going with mobile-learning initiatives, which is where the country is headed, you’ve nailed it here. I can’t think of anyone else who has done this. This is really, really good.”

"This is a no-brainer in the world of accountability... It’s very exciting and very relevant.”

“For me, this is a home run in many different ways. ... This is what we’ve been hoping for, come to reality.”

Purple Mash - Raising Standards through Creativity 

Purple Mash is our award winning website for Elementary school children. It is a creative space where children can apply and enhance their knowledge through:


  • Writing in a wide range of formats 2simpleusaimage
  • Creating animations and much more! 
  • Designing their own digital games 
  • Themed painting 
  • Compiling and interrogating databases 
  • Programming instructions and algorithms 
  • Designing and making 3D models 

​Our activities are flexible so they can be used to support any local or national curriculum. We also add heaps of topical content and activities. For example in February you’ll find loads of great stuff on Black History and on the 4th of July you can expect lots of fireworks!

You can try Purple Mash for yourself by visiting www.purplemash.com or contact us to set up a free trial. 


2Build a Profile - Capturing observations on the move

2Build a Profile is our award winning app for Pre-K and Kindergarten practitioners. It saves hours of record keeping time by providing a simple and powerful way to log children's achievements against the Common Core Standards.


Two Million Observations, Two Thousand Schools, Three Awards... One 2Simple App 


2buildaprofile usa imageCompatible with both Apple and selected Android devices this app allows you to capture observations directly using the inbuilt camera, tag them against the Common Core standards and add your notes and comments. Your observations are automatically synced to your personal web management suite, keeping everything in one place. 


You can also use the Parent Share add-on to provide a one touch solution to parental involvement in the learning process.