Purple Mash Digital Leaders

Please note that we are currently redeveloping our Digital Leaders scheme, and as such we are not currently registering new schools.


Registration will reopen at the start of the 2017/18 academic year.


If you would like to be notified when registration reopens please contact samuel@2simple.com 



Digital Leaders are pupil leaders/support for the technology that is used in schools. They are children who are interested and enthusiastic about using technology, with a willingness to learn and share. They spread good behaviour with technology, support teachers, support fellow pupils and are able to showcase what is possible. More importantly, they develop their own skills and become examples for what is achievable in school.

Purple Mash Digital Leader Badge

Whether you already have Digital Leaders or are just wanting to start out, then you can join in the Purple Mash Digital Leader Programme.


Why schools choose Digital Leaders? 

Beverley Smith, Computing Coordinator, Selby Abbey CE VA Primary School

  • Gives pupils the opportunity to extend their skills
  • Gives them young leadership opportunities
  • Gives them the confidence to support other children and develop their own independent learning
  • They provide CPD for teaching staff
  • It supports the interests of the more tech savvy pupils

Kerry Claude, ICT Coordinator, Fairfield Academy

  • It is a level of achievement and status for pupils
  • They assist in preparing and starting lessons involving ICT
  • They help in introducing and embedding new software and hardware in school
  • They stimulate ICT usage
  • They test software and give the learner’s view, identifying pitfalls and issues before class adoption


What can digital leaders do?

Some suggestions from various digital leader initiatives are: Purple Mash Digital Leader

  • Editing/adding to some areas of the website
  • Write blog posts for their class and comment on other blogs across the school
  • Reset/change password for children that have lost or forgotten theirs (Blogs, Purple Mash etc)
  • Plan and lead ICT club at lunchtimes and after school
  • Change photographs on the TV screen in the reception
  • Support teachers across the school when they teach ICT and use new hardware or software
  • Organise competitions e.g. a drawing competition in Purple Mash
  • Attend events and other schools to share ICT learning
  • Attend after-school training for staff and parents
  • Trialling new software

Giving the children ownership of the technology in school, and a high profile, will benefit all involved. Digital Leaders can be trained to carry out specific jobs regularly or can support teachers when needed.


Promoting their role means that teachers and parents will take them seriously, and the experience they get from this will be valuable, especially benefiting some pupil’s self-esteem.


Digital leaders can take part in staff meetings, parent meetings and can be on ‘duty’. You can use a rota to encourage the leaders to take responsibility for what they are doing each day. They can also be advocates and ‘champions’ of technology, demonstrating its use to the rest of the school.


How can I choose digital leaders?

You could:


  • Encourage the children to ‘apply’ for their role. This will encourage a sense of ownership and excitement.
  • Make it competitive - You could ask children to complete the 2Write/2Connect activity explaining why they should be a digital leader* (persuasive writing activity)? You could give them the challenge in 2Code, create a game in 2DIY3D or make an ebook with 2Create a Story. The best entries become the leaders!
  • Ask children to run for election for class Digital Leader (You could use “Vote for me” writing template in Purple Mash)
  • Ask classes to vote for their digital leaders (Use 2Graph, 2Calculate or 2Count to record and analyse results?)


What next?

Once the pupils have saved their work into the Digital Leaders portal, just email your Regional Professional Development Manager to let them know your pupils are ready to be Purple Mash Digital Leaders. Your school will be sent the badges and a poster to promote your Digital Leaders.


Here at 2Simple we will be looking to share what the children have done through online display boards (children’s names will be excluded for e-safety reasons), but the school will be identified.


We will be creating competitions, providing activities and opportunities for your digital leaders to contribute to Purple Mash and share their talents with the world. If there are local groups of Digital Leaders, we may be able to organise Digital Leader Mash Meets.


You can enter a different group of digital leaders each academic year if you wish and we are open to ideas about how we can support the pupils in their roles.



If you have any questions please contact Andrew Wilkinson, Professional Development Manager on andrew.wilkinson@2simple.com or 07983 693 170. Tweet what you are up to or let us know and we’ll tweet for you! @2simplecpd


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