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Capturing good behaviour on the move 

2Reward is an app for promoting your school’s golden rules. Each class has a 'behaviour bubble', which grows as you capture examples of good behaviour on your device. The 'Behaviour Live' page lets you display the bubbles throughout the school.


Now included free as part of the 2Build a Profile Primary licence!

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How it works

It works in 3 simple steps.

1. Add your school's ‘Golden Rules’ into the websuite 

2. Capture examples of good behaviour on your device   

3. Watch the ‘Behaviour Bubbles’ grow with each new good deed 

2Reward: the app for capturing good behaviour from 2Simple

You also have the option to print out certificates as an extra way to reward pupils for their good behaviour. 

Now available free with any 2Build a Profile Primary licence


Features and Benefits


  • “Capture” positive acts on your device on the move with just a couple of clicks
  • Observations automatically appear in the websuite, tagged to that child
  • Group bubbles on the “Behaviour Live!” page grow with each new observation and individual acts are highlighted by popping out of the bubbles
  • Use your own behaviour targets
  • Easily generate good behaviour certificates
  • Keep track of good behaviour in your school easily by generating a coverage report for your Golden Rules


  • Reward good behaviour in your school
  • Promote exceptional behaviour by displaying the bubbles on whiteboards in classrooms, during school assemblies or in your school’s entrance hall
  • Ensure consistency in behaviour management, from the classroom to the playground
  • Easily print pupil profiles for parents to see or email directly and track responses using Parent Share



“Celebrating good behaviour is important in our school. Through 2Reward this can be celebrated in our weekly Star award Assembly. We put up 2Reward live and the children can see which team has won. We get a huge roar when we find out which team has won. It really encourages and motivates the children to earn points for their team. It is a fantastic motivating tool that reinforces good behaviour.”

Janet Hayward, Cadoxton Primary School