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Capturing observations on the move

The multi-award winning app for gathering observations on the go. It improves the quality and consistency of formative assessment, while also saving educators hours of record keeping time. Enjoy seamless progress tracking from Kinder through to the end of Primary.

2Build a Profile Awards

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Capturing Observations on the Move

Save hours of record keeping time with 2Build a Profile. The Early Years version of this award-winning app provides a simple and powerful way to log children's achievements against the EYLF profile in a few simple steps, making it ideal for busy practitioners. Equally, the Primary version of 2Build a Profile is a Formative Assessment app designed specifically to help schools manage the new National Curriculum. A best practice, rigorous formative assessment process is at the heart of 2Build a Profile Primary.

  • Open the app and take a photo with the device's camera
  • Write your virtual post it note
  • Select the children who are being observed
  • Tag the observation with the learning objective

Your observations will be automatically sent via wifi to a secure website (Web Management Suite) for your school or setting where you can collate, view, save and print your observations at any time.

Depending on which version you choose, the App can come preinstalled with:

  • The National Curriculum
  • EYLF Framework



2Build a Profile Primary1 Year2 Years3 Years
Unlimited Devices Only$595$995$1495

Includes 2Build a Profile Early Years and Parent Share +

2Reward and Golden Rules!


2Build a Profile EYLF      1 Year2 Years3 Years
1 Devices$165$295$445
Unlimited Devices$595$1070$1595
Includes Parent Share!


FDC 2Build a Profile EYLF1 Year2 Years3 Years
1 Device$55$99$145
Parent Share                       1 Year2 Years3 Years
FDC per annum$33$59FREE


Prices are ex-GST.


Features & Benefits


  • Current and new National Curriculum
  • Online Web Management Suite for syncing multiple devices
  • Security and encryption features ensure that all data is safe
  • Next steps and overview function
  • Observations by email, including video observations


  • Save hours of record keeping time
  • Consistent record keeping throughout your setting or school
  • Capture the planned and spontaneous but important moments
  • Quickly and easily take photos of pupil’s work, tag them with learner details and with objectives
  • Provide individual learners and whole class reports via email or online Web Management Suite
  • Save money on high printing costs


Apple Devices
We recommend any Apple device with an inbuilt rear-facing camera:

  • iPad 2, 3 and 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch (4th and 5th generation*)
  • iPhone

Android Devices
2Build a Profile is also accessible on certain Android devices. 

Amongst budget devices, we recommend the Acer Iconia One 7"

2Build a Profile also works on the Amazon Fire Tablet 7"

If you wish to use another Android device, we recommend trying the app first to make sure it works. Your device should be running Android 5 and have a rear facing camera. 

Reporting and Overview

The Web Management Suite supports the 2Build a Profile mobile app. Using the suite, you can:

  • Create class lists and distribute them to multiple devices.
  • Build individual portfolios by collecting all of the evidence from your devices.
  • Create PDF reports that collate all of the data captured by all of the devices in your establishment.
  • View reports anywhere and anytime via secure logins.

You can access the suite from the following link: Web Management Suite

Progress Tracking and Cohort Assessment


Track each child's progress with quick and easy assessment inside 2Build a Profile for EYLF.


Use the Assessment Assistant to automatically set thresholds for emerging, expected and exceeding based on the number of times an objective is tagged and adjust the final assessment as needed. If you want more control, turn off the assistant and edit all your outcomes manually. The snapshots give you a quick insight on each pupil's progression over the course of the year.


Always be Inspection ready!

  • Seamless progress tracking throughout EYLF
  • Create pupil learning journeys, summary sheets and templates at the touch of a button
  • Assess objectives and save half-termly snapshots of child and class outcomes
  • Track and assess pupil progress over the course of the school year

‘As Principal it allows me in real time to see the progress that the children are making. During inspections we were able to show clear tracking and analysis of the progress of pupils, how closely we monitored their attainment, and how easy it now is to identify individuals or groups who are struggling’
Carolyn White, Walton-on-Trent Primary


"I've been eagerly awaiting an app for exactly this purpose. It's really focused my EYLF team on what it is they are observing and the app itself makes the process of evidence collecting quick and straightforward."
Richard McLelland, EYFS Leader, St Mary's Primary School.
"This fantastic app definitely made my life a lot easier. I'm a reception teacher and find the journal books time consuming."
Sadiat, Prep Teacher
"I would recommend this app to all EYFS settings as a fantastic tool to track children and record their achievements and also as a brilliant way to get their heads around the new curriculum."
Louise Bristow, EYLF leader/teacher, Little Marlow School
"Since using the app we have seen a huge reduction in our printing costs. All staff are very positive about 2Build a Profile, they are confident using it (even those that previously said they were not ‘computer literate’) and find it user friendly."
Rebecca Chere, Foundation Stage Coordinator, Engayne Primary School

"Observations and record keeping have never been such fun!"
Emma Pate, FDC

Security and Privacy


  • During normal use of the app, evidence photos and attainment data is transmitted from the app to our data centres.
  • This data is available on the Web Management Suite ONLY to users within the school or setting with the appropriate password.
  • All staff using the app should be subject to their organisation's policy on "Acceptable use of Electronic Communications". An example policy is available on request.
  • Children featured on evidence photos should be subject to the organisation's standard "Parental Permission for Photos" policy. An example policy is available on request.
  • The data stored in our data centres is used for no other purpose than to provide the services available in the app and associated website (www.2buildaprofile.com).
  • CRB-Checked 2Simple staff may access your online account to assist with support queries. This permission can be switched off in the settings area on the Web Management Suite.

To avoid unauthorised access, the app can be locked with a user-defined PIN code.
The app can be remotely deactivated should a device be lost or stolen.
All data is held securely in the app and in our datacentres within the British Isles.
All email transfers use industry standard encryption. PDFs sent by email can only be read using a PIN code when you protect your app with a code.
The Web Management Suite uses industry standard encryption.
Website encryption is performed using a Globalsign secure certificate. More details.
Data Protection
Under the terms of the Data Protection Act:

  • The organisation using the app is the Data Controller
  • 2Simple and its service providers are Data Processors

2Simple complies with its responsibilities as Data Processor under the Data Protection Act. It is the Organisation's responsibility as Data Controller to be registered under the Data Protection Act. Further details can be found in our Terms and Conditions.