The 2Quiz Maths Competition

February 19, 2017, 11:15 pm

Our latest Purple Mash release, '2Quiz', gives teachers the power to create engaging quizzes for any subject, in a matter of minutes. Purple Mash's 2do feature makes assigning quizzes a breeze, and our recently enhanced 'scores reporting' means assessment is quick and easy. 



Choose from a wide range of question styles, and use optional features like audio instructions and timers, to make a quiz that is unique and perfectly levelled for your pupils.


Once saved you can use your quizzes time and time again across the school. With the benefit of Purple Mash's shared folders, teachers can create a directory of quizzes that can be customised and adapted for future tests. 


Create a space themed maths test, an audio spelling test, or a polar regions exploration, the possibilities are endless.


You can see all of these examples below. 


Purple Mash Maths Quiz Competition, examples display board


Complete quizzes as a group on the interactive whiteboard, or enjoy them solo on a computer or tablet.


2Quiz isn't just a tool for teachers; children can make their own quizzes to test their peers. It's an excellent way for children to demonstrate subject mastery, and they can be shared and played on Purple Mash digital display boards.


To celebrate the launch, we're running a competition for kids which hopes to find the world's most creative quiz. It's the perfect way to get children and staff familiar with this powerful new tool, and of course there are fantastic prizes to be won.   


Log in to Purple Mash or register your free 30-day trial, and get quizzing! 



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