The results are in for the 3D Printing Competition!

October 21, 2016, 12:15 pm

The 3D Printing Competition took off faster than Usain Bolt in rocket powered roller-skates. 
Over five thousand pieces of work were submitted from all around the world.


We looked at each design carefully and narrowed it down to seven finalists spanning Key Stages 1 and 2, but there could only be one winner....

The winner of the Purple Mash 3D Printing Competition.


Congratulations Newhall Park Primary School, you are the winner of the 3D Printing Competition 2016! There is a brand new 3D printer on its way to you. View the winning design here


Mark CofE VC First School, South Otterington CoE VC Primary School, Fairlop Primary School, Alleyn Court Preparatory School, Ysgol Glantwymyn (Wales) and Beaconhouse School System Mirpur (Pakistan) - who were all runners up! Each child will receive a printed copy of their model and a Purple Mash t-shirt. 


We have also put together a board of 'Honourable Mentions' for designs that were too good not to share. 


We hope you enjoyed the 3D Printing Competition, but there's no time to rest... the Festive Card Competition is about to start!


Finalists from the 2Simple 3D Printing Competition      Honourable Mentions from the 2Simple 3D Printing Competition


NB: Due to the high volume of entries, it took us longer than expected to get the work approved and visible on the boards; we appreciate how patient everyone has been. This was the first competition that used the new 'Global Display Boards', so it was very much a learning experience for us too! We think they work really well, but going forward we are going to make some updates to make it easier for schools to find their own work on the board. 

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