This is an optional add-on for Purple Mash. It can be added to your Purple Mash account for a one-off payment of $350. 

This systematic, synthetic phonics software for the interactive whiteboard is ideal for use alongside any other phonics resources that you may have. The software is clear and easy-to-use and includes:

  • Audio – children see letters and hear phonemes as well as demonstrations of ‘sound-talk’
  • A highly flexible bank of images – many with animation and sound effects to stimulate interest and reinforce the meaning of words for spelling practice
  • A letters and sounds bank – from which graphemes can be selected to segment and spell words
  • A high frequency words bank – allowing the teaching and practise of both blending and segmenting skills for these words

"2Simple Phonics is a great resource for bringing phonics teaching alive for children and for supporting teachers. It is very flexible and teachers can choose the best way to use it with their children. It is linked to Letters and Sounds and goes well with any similar phonics programme. It is suitable for whole class lessons, follow-up after lessons or catch-up with small groups..."

Elizabeth Nonweiler, Consultant, Teach to Read