2Code and Computing updates - Feb 2023

Feb. 8, 2023

You might have spotted some sneak peeks recently on our social media. They’ve been of our 2Code update, and we’re so excited to tell you more about it!

The whole app has been given a fresh, clean interface, making the command buttons more consistent and in-line with those in our other tools in Purple Mash. This means that both teachers and children can build familiarity across our range. Our fantastic Education Team have been hard at work updating all of the documentation in the Computing Scheme of Work, but don't worry - all the lessons will remain the same (but they will include the new look)!

2Code before after

Key changes:

We've added even more functionality to help improve learning outcomes and engagement. This includes:

Function Command

You are now able to create functions with a dedicated create function command, making the coding process more efficient.

Hotspots Command

We have added a hotspots command - these are similar to collision detection but have the ability for objects to follow an action when they 'leave' the hotspot.


Cloning Feature

You can now clone within code, making objects and any game elements easy to replicate. With this feature, pupils could create Space Invader style games.

Tagging Feature

Elements such as characters and objects can be grouped by tagging them. They can have multiple 'tags' meaning they can belong to more than one group. Oranges, for example, could be tagged as both 'fruit' and 'citrus fruit'. Your pupils will be able to create functions for these groups, rather than doing this for each individual object, making more effective coders.

Playmode (1)

New Object functionality

Objects are now draggable, and their movement type can be angled.

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Other Computing Updates

EYFS Progression of Skills ‘I can’ statements

For our wonderful Computing Leads and EYFS teachers, we have created a progression of skills document with child-friendly ‘I can’ statements – all to help you to assess children’s skills and knowledge in the subject.

Getting the most out of Assessment...

Speaking of assessment, we’ve also created a guide to getting the most out of assessment when using the Purple Mash Computing Scheme of Work. This outlines all of the assessment documents we have on Purple Mash as well as how to use the Data Dashboard.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new 2Code when it is released next week - don't worry, we'll let you know when it goes live!