Brand new Serial Mash is now live

Sept. 12, 2022

Serial Mash is our online library of guided reading books for ages 5-11. With a new chapter released every week of term, including fresh activities and additional resources, it has proved popular with teachers and children since it was launched way back in 2014.

Over the past year we have been hard at work on a major update to the entire package with the goal of making the online library the best it can be for teachers and children alike. We’re now delighted to finally announce that the new, improved version of Serial Mash is now live and available to all subscribers.

What’s new?

So, what’s new? Well, we’ve not only made improvements to the library and what you can do with it, but we’ve also added a huge array of new features and functions that are guaranteed to save time and help to inspire a love of reading in all children.

Watch the video to take the Serial Mash tour and continue reading for a summary of what's new in each area of the library:


  • Brand new libraries allow children and teachers to find books quickly and easily
  • You can mark books as favourites, allowing you to access them in an instant
  • See a list of recent reads so you can continue reading right where you left off
  • View all available chapters in the same place, on the book page
  • Mark any Serial Mash book as read
  • Look at any completed activities associated with any book
  • Explore your favourite Serial Mash authors by reading their bios and accessing their other books in just one click
  • Search the library by book title, author, genre, or library type (adventure, mystery, horror etc.)

Scheduling books and chapters

  • Schedule an entire book and its related activities for children in just a few clicks
  • Alternatively, use the serialise functionality to allow children to receive new chapters on specific dates, defined by you
  • See any completed work associated with the books you schedule in just a few clicks
  • If you set any 2Do's within Serial Mash before the switchover, you won't see them there now. However, you will still be able to access them in your 2Do's folder within Purple Mash.

A dragon and a pirate who are characters from Serial Mash books for KS2 children by 2Simple Ltd

Reading journals

  • Any Serial Mash book that a child reads automatically creates a journal entry in their online reading journal
  • Teachers can view their pupils’ reading journals, comment on their reading and reward them with digital stickers
  • Any book read outside of Serial Mash can easily be added to children’s journals in a variety of ways. They can scan the barcode, search for the book or enter the ISBN number
  • If this doesn’t give you enough evidence, children can give you even more by taking photos of themselves reading without leaving Serial Mash

Accessing and using data

  • Educators can access any and all of the data recorded in reading journals
  • You can see frequency of reading and total number of minutes read for classes, groups or specific individuals

The work area

  • As a teacher you can view any activities that children complete, leave comments and encourage everyone to develop a love of reading
  • Children can see work that they have completed about books that they’ve been reading

Audio books

  • Audio books can be enabled for specific classes, groups and individual children, and they can just as easily be disabled

Try Serial Mash for free

If you like the sound of this, why not give Serial Mash a try? If you register for a trial now, you'll have access to everything Serial Mash has to offer completely free for 14 days.

Share your experience with us

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