Fun activities for Comic Relief

March 7, 2023

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 17th March and there's loads of activities that schools can get involved with. Comic Relief continues to make a difference to the lives of millions of people across the UK and around the world. They partner with projects and organisations and in just the last two years, funds raised have helped to support 11.7 million people including more than 46,000 children and young people in the UK. This year, some of the money raised will be going towards helping people who are currently struggling with the cost of living crisis, or people in Syria and Turkey who have been affected by the recent earthquake.

Comic Relief resources

Comic Relief have a range of resources that can be used in school on the 17th of March. These include assemblies, posters, recipes and activity sheets to quizzes and curriculum-linked learning resources and a range of short videos.

Purple Mash resources

We have also put together a range of activities that you can use on Purple Mash during the week and on the day itself, in support of the Comic Relief themes and ideas.

If you're holding a 'Dress up for Joy' day, why not ask children to design their own t-shirt or make some posters to advertise the day? Children could also create comic strips and joke leaflets to sell to raise even more funds, or use them to create a display.

Red Noce Day FB.png

For a bit more fun, children could draw their own funny face, not forgetting to add in a red nose and deely boppers of course! We have also created a game using 2DIY3D. Children need to hunt the red noses, and after playing the game they can then add some more levels of their own.

Whatever you do for #RedNoseDay, we would love for you to share your work on either our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Useful links

Comic Relief have a range of resources here.

Grab some Red Nose merch here, including t-shirts, aprons, and plastic free red noses of course!