What's New this Month: June 2023

May 31, 2023

Each month we will be putting together a handy roundup to show you the very best of what’s new across the 2Simple range. Here's what's new for June:

June Events


It's that time of year, and even though SATs have finished, students in Year 4 will be undertaking the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC), while those in Year 1 will be completing their Phonics Screening Check.

If you want to continue practising these key skill with your students, have a go at our own MTC tool, and take some time to browse our other maths games and printable resources.
For those in the younger years, we even have resources for phonics which are available in both Purple Mash and Mini Mash.


June is jam-packed full of events, so take a look at the resources we have for the events which take your fancy:

🧒 Child Safety Week (5th-11th June)

🌊 World Ocean Day (8th June)

🥗 Healthy Eating Week (12th-16th June)

🏅 National School Sport Week (19th-25th June)

🎶 World Music Day (21st June)

🧘‍♀️ International Yoga Day (21st June)

Maths Week London (26th-30th June)

🧠 World Wellbeing Week (26th June-2nd July)

🧭 National Fieldwork Fortnight (26th June-7th July)

👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏻 RSE Day (29th June)

🎨 Children's Art Week (29th June-19th July)


Purple Mash Browser App

Our popular browser app is now available on the Amazon app store! Download it here.

Purple Chip Competition

Our new competition is officially open from 5th June-7th July, but you have heard about it first here! This gives you, the teacher, some time to prepare and get yourselves feeling comfortable with using Purple Chip. Included within the competition folder is a whole unit of work which relates to the Purple Chip app - this means you've got lesson plans, slides, a knowledge organiser and concept map, as well as examples and even a quiz!


New Serial Mash Books

Subscribers of Serial Mash will have access to three new books each term. This term's new books are:

The Trip of a Lifetime - Sarah Loader
(Diamonds Library)

Team Time Guardians - Leah Llewellyn
(Emeralds Library)

Stranger Neighbours - Lizzie Bryant
(Sapphires Library)

Serial Mash Summer 2 2023 (500 × 500px)

If you don't yet have a Serial Mash subscription, you can try it out for free. It's a great resource for guided reading or for children continuing reading at home. Each book comes with reading comprehension activities, as well as writing tasks.

End-of-Term Activities

Year 6 Transition

We've got a whole selection of activities to help your Year 6 class feel much more at ease with their transition to secondary school in September:

  • Year 6 Leavers Yearbook - collate some memories from their time at Primary school in this one book. You could even print it off as a leaver's gift at the end of the year!
  • Change Timeline - Create a timeline which includes events from their time at Primary school. This is sure to start some lovely conversations about fun and happy times they remember.
  • My Profile- Ask students to write a profile for their new form tutor at their next school.
  • Timetable Navigation - Help your students get to grips with an example secondary school timetable. They'll study it and answer some questions about it. Perhaps they could even create their own quizzes for their friends to solve?
  • Making Friends - Students will read about Danielle's experience and then complete the 'Getting Prepared' frame which includes worries, differences, positives and next steps.

Project-based work

You may want your class to begin some project-based work, applying all of the skills they have learned so far this year. Our Purple Chip competition is perfect for that, with a whole unit of lessons to help you teach the computing skills needed to create something amazing.

Our other project-based resources include:

  • Videos for Creative Writing - Can your class solve the mystery which is spread out over 5 videos and 5 different writing tasks? Alongside the writing tasks are computing activities along with other resources.
  • Data Detective - Some fun database activities with a storyline to hook your students in. You could add in writing tasks and other activities alongside these to form a project.
  • Escape Rooms - Can your class work their way through the escape rooms? They even have the option of creating their own, which is an excellent way of consolidating knowledge learned throughout the year.
  • Financial Capability - Summer term is a great time to teach financial capability, and can be applied to lots of real-life situations, preparing them for the summer holidays when they have more free time to spend their pocket money. We have lots of lesson ideas for this topic here.
  • 2Logo - 2Logo has lots of fun activities which also have writing resources linked to them. Can they solve the puzzles set by the time-travelling robot Logonator?

We hope you enjoy all our updates, remember to keep an eye on our CPD section for new webinars, and our blogs for updates throughout the month!

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