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Come along to a local 2Simple Event or join us at a conference or exhibition to see what's new, meet other educators, and share top tips!

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Join us at an event

Every year 2Simple hosts and attends a number of events including:

  • Specialised CPD events
    Our practical hands on training sessions are delivered by our expert trainers on various topics.
  • Free CPD events like Mash Meets
    Mash Meets are a space for teachers to meet and have a bite to eat and drink whilst swapping their latest teaching tips.
  • Conference and exhibitions
    Follow us on Twitter to hear about all the events 2Simple attends like LearnEd and Bett.

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Mash Meets

Mash Meets are open to everyone, so you don't need a subscription to attend.

This is the perfect place to see Purple Mash in action and give it a try yourself.

Host a Mash Meet

Interested in hosting a Mash Meet at your school? Get in touch with us.

2Simple sponsor every Mash Meet and we’ll send one of our experienced CPD trainers to help you host your event.

Mash Meet Terms and Conditions


CPD member on hand

Get in touch with local teachers

Host a Mash Meet

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Find a local 2Simple event

Come along to see what's new, meet other school leaders and teachers, and get inspiration for your classes.

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