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April 19, 2024


Despite their small size, micro:bits pack a punch, offering endless opportunities for creativity and innovation. Here at Purple Mash we've recently launched two new units which focus on exploring micro:bits and their capabilities. To celebrate, we're giving away two of the eight new micro:bit lessons and all the support materials for free for you to try in class tomorrow.

What you'll get access to:

Year 3 - Lesson 1: Name Badge

With the help of free code, children will learn to code a name badge which they will then transfer to their micro:bit.

Year 4 - Lesson 1: Step Counter

In this lesson, children will learn how to turn their micro:bit into a step counter using the accelerometer and variables.

For each lesson you'll have access to:

  • PDF Overview Document
    This document will cover everything you need to teach the lesson as well as outlining aims and success criteria.
  • PowerPoint Slides
    Which you'll be able to use in class with the children. It contains instructions, guidance, introductory videos and more.
  • Learning Mat
    You'll have access to a learning mat for each lesson to help guide pupils around a topic and remind them of key ideas, concepts and vocabulary.
  • Access to our 2Code application and micro:bit emulator
    We're also giving you access to the free code element of Purple Mash's 2Code application so pupils can create the code, test it using the emulator before transferring it to a micro:bit.

Our Purple Mash micro:bit lessons are based on content created by the micro:bit Education team, shared under a Creative Commons license.

Resources are available until 28th June 2024

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