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Bringing balance to school improvement

Transform your school’s self-evaluation and improvement planning, while ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

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Evaluate your school's effectiveness and implement improvement plans

With a subscription to Know my School you'll have everything you need to support you through your school's self-evaluation, and improvement planning. Housed within Know my School you'll have access to our leadership and management tools, all designed to take the pressure off. Let us demonstrate how these tools can dramatically reduce the time and resourcing required to create focused improvement plans, unique to your setting.

Leadership and Management Tools at your fingertips

These professional development tools evaluate your school's effectiveness, collects and stores evidence and gives you all the details you need in one central location. Here's how these tools can support you.


  • Capture your 'school's story' and easily see how you’re doing at any one time
  • Quickly identify areas requiring improvement
  • Accurately map evidence against the EIF criteria without the stress of guesswork
  • Get a series of outcomes to inform your School Improvement Plans


  • Takes the outcomes from Coach and automatically feeds these into your Improvement Plans
  • Removes any ambiguity around what’s needed to implement your SIP with pre-populated, editable action plans
  • See the status of all tasks within your SIP with live feeds that capture and notify progress in real-time to all stakeholders

Policy Portal

  • Upload and store school policies and give easy access to all stakeholders in a safe and secure place
  • Ensure the timely renewal of policies with automated alerts
  • Enhance strategic planning by linking policies to school improvement plans for clear tasks and actions
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Coming soon

We're adding more tools to the platform to ensure school leaders have one go-to place for all their improvement planning needs.

Performance Track

An online system that integrates the tracking of CPD with performance management in schools, all linked to your School Development plan. With performance Track, schools and teachers can track and monitor professional development

Your leadership and management package

A subscription to Know my School is based on the number of pupils enrolled. You can save money by opting for multi-year subscriptions, and enjoy the benefits of Know my School over an extended period of time.

We're confident you'll see the benefits straight away, that's why with every subscription there's a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please Contact us to find out more about a personalised quote and multi-year discounts for Know My School, we'd be more than happy to help.

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