Transform your school’s self-evaluation and improvement planning

Find out how we can support you with Ofsted's new Education Inspection Framework


Evaluate your school's effectiveness and implement improvement plans

With Inspection Coach and Improvement Hub you'll have everything you need to support you through your school's self-evaluation, improvement planning and inspection preparation. By combining top quality consultancy with state-of-the-art technology it simplifies the process of school self-evaluation and improvement planning. The platforms have been designed to take the pressure off school leaders, dramatically reducing time and resourcing required to create focused improvement plans and prepare for Ofsted.

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Self Evaluation for Ofsted's new Education Inspection Framework

This professional development tool shows you in detail what is expected of a good and outstanding school, evaluates your schools' effectiveness and collects and stores evidence.


A unique “Live View” of the new OFSTED Inspection Framework

You can immediately see what the school does well and where improvement is needed.

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Share with staff and governors

Upload evidence and create actions for your school improvement plan as you go along.

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Upload resources

Keep all your evidence in one secure place. Upload documents in a variety of formats including PDFs, videos and photos.

Your Virtual Inspector

Inspection Coach has been written by experienced Ofsted inspectors and is packed full of helpful advice to ensure that your school meets the expectations of the new Education Inspection Framework. Following a popular process for self-evaluation, the virtual inspector will guide you through the process, you'll make judgements, answer questions against specific success criteria, attach evidence (ready for future inspections), then once you're finished our virtual inspector will immediately check your answers either agreeing with you or it'll offer you advice.

Preparing for a Successful Inspection

Inspection Coach has hundreds of success criteria for each judgement category to ensure that your self evaluation is correct. Take a look at this free document that our lead inspector Clive Davies OBE has produced that explains the key parts of the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and what you need to consider.

Download your free Inspection Support Pack

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Subject Leader & Improvement Planning made easy

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A live feed informs you when any plans are updated

Effortlessly have complete oversight of school improvement live progress. Staff receive a notification when they have an action on any plan, they can view, monitor or feedback on the plan immediately.

A tablet showing the Improvement Hub dashboard by 2Simple Ltd

Management Dashboard

See the progress of plans relating to the new Ofsted Inspection Framework, key priorities, key members of staff and subject leaders. See if plans are on track to ensure you stay organised.


Create any plan

Enter your own plans or copy existing improvement/action plans into the system. Then, use automatically suggested actions written by our inspection team based on your Self-evaluation answers.

Manage Plans and Collaborative with Key Stakeholders

Improvement Hub will support your Improvement Planning, whether you're creating Whole School Development Plans, Improvement Plans, Action Plans, Governing Body Action Plans or Subject Leader Plans. Share elements with key stakeholders all whilst monitoring progress to work towards creating the best possible environment for your learners.

Your leadership and management package

Subscriptions for Inspection Coach and Improvement Hub start from £650 (+VAT) for an annual licence.

Please Contact us to find out more about a personalised quote and multi-year discounts.

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