A sheep dip to India

Beneath the kitchen table, William clutched a white envelope. Its corners were beginning to curl from several nights tucked under a pillow. He knew he had to talk to his mum and dad about it this morning.

"You're going on an adventure into the Indian jungle where I grew up," his grandma had said just before she died. "It's a wild and wonderful place - and I know you will love it. But you'll have to get out there as soon as I'm gone. And you'll have to keep this envelope with you at all times. Don't open it until you get there. I'm not sure your mum will approve, though!"

Grandma had a mischievous streak in her, but that was what - in William's eyes - made her so brilliant. She was the antidote to his parents' boring ways. Where Harold and Wendy liked routine and normality, Grandma thrived on excitement.


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