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Parental Engagement Made Simple

Parent Share is an additional package of “parent-oriented” features accessed by teachers via 2Build a Profile. It offers a quick, simple and effective way of proving “parental engagement” in the learning process.


And now, with the Family Observations module, parents can submit their own observations too!

New customer?

Parent Share is an add-on that can be purchased with either 2Build a Profile or 2Reward.

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Please contact us to have Parent Share  added to your existing package. 

2Build a Profile

Features and Benefits


  • Email reports to every parent in the class with just one click
  • Parents can reply to the email and their responses are automatically stored in their child's records
  • Quickly tag observations as being “parent-friendly”
  • Customise the parent report layout to suit the needs of the school
  • The contact history page shows every report sent to parents and all responses received back from parents
  • Parents can submit their own photos or videos to be approved by teachers and entered into the learner's observation portfolio.


  • Extremely quick, simple and effective way of proving “parental engagement” in the learning process
  • No onerous setup or passwords for parents, everything is done simply and quickly by email
  • Learners who require more observations can be identified immediately, before creating the parent report
  • Observations can be excluded from the parent report if unfinished/unsuitable


Parent Share was previously available as an add-on to 2Build a Profile for £200 a year.

It is now available at no added cost as part of the Early Years Plus package (£400) or the Primary package (£600)


"We are sharing the observations regularly with parents by e-mail and have received great feedback. One parent said "receiving the observations made our weekend - the whole family sat down to look at the photos together" and another parent said "my husband works away and we were able to forward him the e-mail so he could see what Alice was doing at Nursery" (name changed). Parents are responding to the e-mails directly and so we now have an ongoing dialogue about each child that we can keep on record."
 Jo Knobbs, Teacher

"Parent Share allows parents to see what their child’s interests are at school and to see how they learn. By using the next steps we can encourage parents to support their children at home to achieve the learning outcomes and also develop their characteristics of learning. Our parents understand and see that their contributions are greatly valued and can clearly see the learning that is being evidenced, and are beginning to understand the learning process in the Foundation Stage and Year 1."
Marie Evans, Foundation Stage Coordinator

"I would like to say a great big thank you to the developers at 2Build a Profile as the purchase of this app has completely changed the system of recording and sharing information in our foundation department. The newly added Parent Share has made it so much easier to share the information with parents. The option to choose when to ‘parent share’ when recording an experience means we only send out information that has been checked and once the parent’s emails have been added it is so easy to generate and email reports to each of the children’s parents, which we do at the end of each half term. It allows parents to keep up to date with the progress of their child and their learning and feedback to us from their viewpoint. The response from parents so far has been extremely positive. I have already recommended the app to two other schools and will continue to do so in the future.”
Lee Slater, Nursery Teacher