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Purple Mash Support

I am a teacher having problems logging in to Purple Mash.

Are your username and password correct? You can use your email address in place of your username. You can use the ‘forgotten password’ link on the login page to reset your password.

Are you in the right place? Each school has their own unique login page. If you’re in the right place you should see the name of the school in the top-right hand corner.

If you think you might be in the wrong place, go here and use the ‘Find your school’ box. 

If this doesn’t help, contact your school’s Purple Mash administrator or our support team at 

I am a parent/child having problems logging in to Purple Mash.

Each school has their own unique login page. If you’re in the right place you should see the name of the school in the top-right hand corner.

If you think you might be in the wrong place, go here and use the ‘Find your school’ box. 

If you are in the right place but your login details are not working then you need to contact the school office. For security reasons, we cannot give out login information to anyone but the school administrator. 

I need help using one of the Purple Mash tools.

Open the tool and click the video icon in top-right hand corner. Each tool has lots of help videos and tutorials. 

If the videos don't answer your questions, contact

Can we use Purple Mash with a Learning Platform?

We integrate with LGfL, WeLearn365, Life, CLC, ItsLearning, frog, gdst, RM Education, MyLearning, The UK Access Management Federation, eSschools and DB Primary.  

When you start your subscription, let your account manager know that you’d like to access Purple Mash through a Learning Platform. They’ll work with your IT Technician to get the integration set up. There is no extra charge for this. 

Children will then be able to access Purple Mash directly through the Learning Platform without the need for additional logins. 

If your Learning Platform is not listed above please contact for more information. 

Can I use Purple Mash on tablet devices?

Purple Mash works on Apple and most Android tablets.  

You just log in through the tablets browser. 

You can start work on one type of device, save it, and then open it on a different type of device. 

Purple Mash includes a few older resources that were made in Flash. These will not work on most tablets. The vast majority of content is tablet friendly, including all new releases. 

If you want to make sure it will work on your specific tablets please email the make and model to  

Can I use Purple Mash at home?

Yes, all our subscriptions include free home access for all teachers and children. 

I'm having problems viewing Purple Mash.

Purple Mash uses the latest browser technologies, if you are having issues you may need to update your browser. 

We recommend Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

It’s best to be on the latest version of the browser, but you’ll need to at least be on Chrome 55, Firefox 50 or Internet Explorer 9. 

This website has links for updating all the main browsers: 

If you are getting messages along the lines of ‘access denied/restricted’, this is probably a Firewall issue. Speak to your school IT Technician and ask them to whitelist or contact our support team at  

Do I have to download anything to use Purple Mash?

There are still one or two Flash based resources inside Purple Mash e.g. Maths City. You will need to have Flash player installed to use them.

Flash is a free download from Adobe, you can get it here: 

Other than Flash you do not need to download anything as Purple Mash lives in the cloud. 

I am a student teacher. Is it possible for me to use Purple Mash when I am on a school placement?

Yes, definitely! The first thing to do is to check if your placement school already has a subscription. Ask the school, or search for the school in the ‘Find your school’ box here:

If they do, then email your placement contact at the school and ask them to set you up a login. 

If they don’t then there are a few options. Firstly, we work with many teaching universities. Speak to your tutor and ask them if the university has a Purple Mash account. If they don’t, ask your tutor to email As well as giving you and your fellow trainees access, we will come to the university to give everyone Purple Mash CPD. 

In the meantime, you can register a 30-day trial here: 

We recommend telling the school you want to use Purple Mash with the children and asking them to register the trial. That way if they want to continue using it after you have left they’ll be able to keep all the work the children have already done.  

What are the teacher features and benefits of using Purple Mash?

You can find out more about features and benefits here:    

Will I be invoiced at the end of a trial?

No. At the end of the trial we’ll ask if you would like to subscribe, but there is no obligation to do so. 

How do I order Purple Mash?

You can get a quote and order Purple Mash by calling 020 8 203 1781 or emailing

Please feel free to call us even if you are not sure you want to order. We’re happy to just talk over the different options and answer any questions you might have.  

How does pricing work for Purple Mash?

Purple Mash is priced based on the size of your school. Please call 020 8 203 1781 or email your school details and pupil numbers to, and we will send you a quote. 

If you are purchasing as part of an academy chain or cluster please call us on 020 8 203 1781 and we will be able to give you a multi-school quote.
We also offer home user licences for parents and home educators, these cost £25+vat per annum. 

Can schools outside the UK subscribe to Purple Mash?

Absolutely! Purple Mash lives in the cloud, so as long as you have an internet connection you can use it. 

If you are from a British or American International School please contact to place your order. Local language schools please contact or call +44 (0)20 8 203 1781. 

Has Purple Mash won awards?

Purple Mash is the result of years of experience, testing, tweaking and perfecting. In 2016 it won the Bett Award for best online teaching and learning tool, our 43rd award! 

How often is Purple Mash updated?

Purple Mash is updated almost every week. We roll out minor updates and fixes constantly, and add substantial updates each term. New themed content is also added regularly. Because Purple Mash lives in the cloud you never have to download or install anything - just log in and enjoy!  

Who makes the content inside Purple Mash?

Our education team are all former teachers with practical classroom experience. They work in partnership with our skilled developers to ensure our content meets the highest technical and educational standards. We also collaborate with our users to design new content and run regular focus groups to make sure we’re meeting the ever-changing needs of schools.