If your child's school has a licence for Python in Pieces you do not need to purchase a home-user licence.

Coding that just fits

Python in Pieces is an award-winning coding environment, designed to transition children from block to text code, ideal for children aged 10 to 16.

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Learn to code at home

What do Bill Gates, Elon Musk and over 60% of computer programmers have in common? They are all self-taught! Python in Pieces has been designed to meet the highest educational standards, but children can use it independently at home. That means they can move at their own pace and aren’t limited by teacher time. The platform contains guided activities that allow children to progress quickly and ensures they never get stuck.

The Python in Pieces process

Python in Pieces has been designed to transition children from block to text coding. If your child has no experience of block coding then we suggest trying Purple Mash first.

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Guided coding activities

There are 18 activity sets, each exploring a new coding skill. Explainer videos, task lists, hints and solution guides are available for every activity.

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Clear coding progression

The activity sets follow a clear progression as children develop a broad set of coding skills, allowing them to tackle increasingly sophisticated challenges.

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'Free code' environments

The 'free code' environments are where young coders can let their imaginations run wild. It's a chance to put everything they have learnt into practice.

What can your child expect?

Ability to flip between block-based coding and Python in both directions, allowing them to explore, test and understand their code.

Step-by-step activity sets with instructional videos.

Free-code areas to test their knowledge and unleash their creativity.

Ability to create visually rich programs and games with sprites and background images.

A teenage girl with a laptop exploring Python in Pieces by 2Simple Ltd

Get access to Python in Pieces today

This is a one-off payment. At the end of your licence we'll email you to ask if you'd like to renew. There are no automatic charges.

If you have any questions, please email hello@2simple.com. Terms and conditions available here.

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This product provides an excellent transition to allow learners to progress from block-based programming to text-based programming. Clear and concise video tutorials support learners in their mastery of programming.


Judges comments, The Educational Resources Awards 2020
Winner of best secondary school level resources