2Simple makes cloud-based software that promotes and enables personalized digital learning for students in K-5, and provides teachers with practical and effective formative assessment tools that raise standards and help to ensure all children reach their full potential.

Back to school with Purple Mash

A few back to school activities to help staff and students get reacquainted with Purple Mash tools.

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"What I like most about Purple Mash is that it allows my son to come home and show me the things he’s been doing in class, and to continue that work at home. As soon as he’s home he’s excited to start his homework, there’s no arguing he just comes home and he’s eager to get on the computer and start his work. The learning opportunities on Purple Mash really excite him and as a parent I enjoy seeing that.""The children love using Purple Mash both in school and at home, and the work they produce is fantastic. They're excited and engaged... its a brilliant learning resource!""Purple Mash has proved to be a firm favorite with both staff and students at Trinity School. The extensive range of regularly updated resources supports teaching and learning both in school and at home." Parent, Brown Elementary SchoolRubina, TeacherRichard, Principal