The virtual classroom experience for little learners

Mini Mash is the safe online space for children
in the early years to learn, create and explore.

Two nursery children using Mini Mash on tablets by 2Simple Ltd
A collection of nursery resources from Mini Mash by 2Simple Ltd

A range of content

There are seven learning areas, in each area you’ll find a range of engaging content and tools that are perfect for individual or group activities.

And there are over 25 topic packs covering all your favourite Early Years topics, each containing a range of themed activities and resources.

Easy to use

With simple visual and audio navigation, even very young children can find their way around Mini Mash.
And it’s simple for teachers too – there's no hassle and nothing to install.
Mini Mash works on a range of devices including tablets and laptops.

An image showing colourful resources for nursery children from Mini Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Share work easily

Mini Mash work is saved into online trays.

And with just a click of the mouse, you can make a child’s tray visible for parents, perfect for seeing and celebrating what their child has done that day!

Build your own themed resources

'Teacher Tools' give you the ability to quickly and easily make your own themed resources, including jigsaws, pair games and slideshows.
Then share them with children by pinning them in the top right of their screen.

An image showing how nursery practitioners can make their own resources in Mini Mash by 2Simple Ltd

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