Maths and Purple Mash - it all adds up

There are so many maths games and resources inside Purple Mash, maybe it should be called Purple Maths! From online times table games, to printable worksheets, Purple Mash is jam packed with fun and engaging maths resources for primary schools.

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An image representing the maths resources from Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd
A tablet displaying the Monster multiplication maths game from Purpe Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Times table games

Purple Mash includes two times table games for learning and reinforcing the 1 to 12 times tables. Table Toons lets children create their own times table songs by picking from an array of singing cartoon characters. In Monster Multiplication, children answer times table questions to earn food to feed to their monster which makes it grow!

Multiplication tables check ✔️

The Purple Mash Multiplication game has been specifically designed to prepare children for multiplication tests. Teachers can customise the game to focus on the areas the children need the most practice with and you'll see all the children's scores, so you can target additional support where it's most needed. Practising in Purple Mash will help to ensure children are relaxed and confident in exam situations.

A tablet displaying the times table test maths game from Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd
An image showing the maths racing game from Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Fast-paced maths games

In addition to the times table games, Purple Mash includes nine exciting maths games that help children practice key skills. Master fractions at Fractonio's Pizzeria or challenge friends in the fast-paced 2Race, where answering sums makes your kart go faster. Maths games can be played in class or set as homework, using Purple Mash's inbuilt homework system. Scores are saved online so teachers can easily see how well each child is doing.

Maths tools and ready-made resources

Purple Mash includes a range of open-ended tools that let children create everything from pictograms to spreadsheets. You'll also enjoy access to hundreds of ready-made themed maths resources organised into topics. As well printables, there are online quizzes, art projects and writing templates.

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Discover the rest of Purple Mash

Purple Mash is a cross-curricular resource that includes much more than just maths, there are literally thousands of tools, games and resources. Read more about Purple Mash on this website or start a free trial today and explore it for yourself.

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