Serial Mash: New releases

Sept. 8, 2021

In the most recent new releases, your class can get swept up in Dr. Edward Jenner’s quest to develop a vaccine, Lola’s anticipation of her Nonna coming over from Italy to live or will it be Miles’ investigation into the mysterious sock thief that gets your class excited about reading.

Serial Mash is all about reading for pleasure and capturing children’s imagination all whilst helping to develop their reading, writing and comprehension skills. New Serial Mash books are released regularly through the year, these are split into sets for different reading ages:

Every new release is complemented by a host of printable resources for whole class, group or individual use. Comprehension quizzes, grammar worksheets, sequencing activities, and open-ended questions - they're all in one place.

Further Book Releases:

Diamonds (ages 5-6): Norma and the Lazy Day

Lola is excited as Nonna is coming over from Italy to live. However, everything depends on Nonna getting a job as a cook. Will she be able to find one and make a new home in England?

To build anticipation, every week a new chapter is released but if you head to the Teachers area, you’ll be able to review all the chapters and complementary activities. Here you’ll also be able to find all the supporting documents you’ll need to help you make the most of the resources.

The first chapter of Norma and the Lazy Day is available now. Login to the Teachers area to get started.

The lazy days.png
Norma and the Lazy Day
Sock stealer.png
Sock Stealer

Emeralds (ages 7-9): Sock Stealer

There's a sock thief in the house. Is it Miles's pet dog, Otis, or could something else be stealing them? It’s up to Miles to find out!

All our resources can be accessed on a range of devices, allowing children to access our books from home as well as in school. With the Sock Stealer, children can also watch video storyteller Tim Hibbered, which really brings the story to life. A great asset to use at the front of the class and then share initial thoughts before reading the text or it can be played whilst children follow the text on a tablet or laptop for those who struggle with the text.

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Sapphires (ages 9-11): Slaying the Speckled Monster

In 18th Century England Dr Edward Jenner sees for himself the horrors of smallpox. After listening to local legend, he sets out to make a vaccine to save millions.

With the current pandemic and vaccine rollout children can learn about the history of vaccines through this timely story about Dr. Edward Jenner and his journey to develop the smallpox vaccine.

The supporting activities help to reinforce the main points of the story through quizzes, open-ended questions as well as character profiles. At the very end, once they’ve finished the book, children can use the writing frame to write their very own book review.

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Slaying the speckled monster.png
Slaying the Speckled Monster

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