Updates to 2Blog

June 25, 2020

2Blog within Purple Mash, has seen an increase in use during this period of home/blended learning. We have been listening to you and have made a number of updates to 2Blog to support you.

Updated layout
The first update we will look at, is in setting a blog which is now clearly sectioned into:

  • Details – Name/Description
  • Design – Icons/Cover options
  • Security and Access – Visible to public/Allow Public comments/Assigning classes etc
  • Quick access bar which means that ’view blog’ is always visible.
Secutiry in 2Blog.png

Date created
You can now see when a blog was created. Should a blog post be added with the same name, you can now easily differentiate between these posts as we've added the date the blog was created.

2Blog update.png

Blog customisation

We have also improved the ability for the user to customise the design of their blog:

  • More pre-made covers
  • Users can upload their own cover image
  • Users can define how the cover image is displayed – Centre, Stretch, Tile etc.

Reply to a comment
You can now comment on a comment and can include pictures and emojis in your comments too.

Commenting 2Blog (20).png

Reporting to teacher
This is only enabled on blogs where ‘Skip pupil approval’ is selected in settings.  This method allows students to report any post/comment created by other pupils and are not able to report posts/comments created by teacher users.  When a post/comment is reported to the teacher by a student the alert will show the teacher the name of the student who reported it.

We know that within a school, one teacher may set up the blogs for all classes and this has meant that the blog creator has received a lot of alerts and notifications for activity on the blog. We have changed this so that if a blog creator is not assigned to the class then notifications are disabled for the creator.

Share your blogs with us
We hope that you find the updates to 2Blog useful and have loved seeing the creative way that schools have been using 2Blog to communicate with their pupils, parents and school community.  If you would like to share how your school have used 2Blog then please share your work on Twitter @2SimpleAus or @PurpleMash, or on Facebook @2SimpleAustralia.