Transform yourself with Mashcams - May's #MashoftheMonth

May 4, 2022

Our #MashoftheMonth for May is the ever-popular Mashcams. There are so many Mash cams that you can use across the curriculum whatever you're learning and we love seeing how you have used them. From people who help us, like scientists, to sportspeople and famous people from history, there really is a Mashcam (over 180) for nearly everything.

Mashcams are easy to use and enable children to transform themselves using their webcam. Pupils can make use of their webcams or a saved image to insert themselves into the picture and then show their thoughts and character in the speech bubble and they can also record audio, further enhancing their work. As well as the digital versions, there are also a range of pdf template Mashcams that can be printed and used away from a device. As with all our tools, these can be set as a 2Do and shared on a Display Board, a blog, by email, QR code or via an HTML embed code.

Historical figures

One of the most popular uses of our MashCams is for History, where there are a wide range of Mashcams available. They're a great way for students to step back in time, get into character and share their historical knowledge in a different way.

Creating a Mashcam of Queen Elizabeth I with Purple Mash

Pupils can choose from over fifty historical figures ranging from Boudica and King Henry VIII to Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill. They can give their thoughts of being evacuated from their homes during WWII or as an ancient Greek philosopher.

Other uses

Other topics include Jobs and occupations – great when pupils are researching people who help us or if they are writing about the jobs they would like to do in the future, perhaps as part of a careers week. There are also Mashcams for sport, science and technology, celebrations, fairy tales, and myths and legends.

All our Mashcams are also available as pdfs that can be printed either in A4 or A5 format for children to complete away from their screens.

Share your Mashcams with us

Best of all, because Mashcams are image based, they are great for sharing on social media. So, however you use the Mashcams in school we would love to see how your children get on. You can share examples via our Twitter or Facebook pages, and if you share this May with the #MashoftheMonth hashtag you'll be entered into our monthly draw to win a 2Simple goody bag.

Happy Mashing!