Transform your school improvement planning

An easy-to-use tool, available as part of a subscription to Know my School, that helps you manage any kind of school improvement planning.

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What is Hub?

Hub will support your Improvement Planning, whether you're creating Whole School Development Plans, Improvement Plans, Action Plans, Governing Body Action Plans or Subject Leader Plans.

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Whilst you are in the act of Self-evaluation, Hub will suggest one of thousands of improvement plan actions written by our inspection team. These actions are specifically targeted to meet key elements of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework.

Subject Leader & Improvement Planning made easy

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A live feed informs you when any plans are updated

Effortlessly have complete oversight of school improvement live progress. Staff receive a notification when they have an action on any plan, they can view, monitor or feedback on the plan immediately.

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Management Dashboard

See the progress of plans relating to the new Ofsted Inspection Framework, key priorities, key members of staff and subject leaders. See if plans are on track to ensure you stay organised.

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Create any plan

Enter your own plans or copy existing improvement/action plans into the system. Then, use automatically suggested actions written by our inspection team based on your Self-evaluation answers.

Know my School

Hub is available as part of a subscription to Know my School. Which contains a wealth of support for senior leaders to help evaluate a school's effectiveness. The platform also collects and stores evidence and gives you all the details you need in one central location

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