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Much-loved tools and activities to teach every aspect of the computing curriculum.

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An image representing the computing resources from Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Raise standards in computing

Animation, online safety, game design, blogging... there's lots more to computing than coding!

Raise standards and broaden your computing curriculum by getting award-winning tools for all these components in just one place.

Code amazing programs

Take the mystery out of coding with '2Code', the complete coding module.

Access step-by-step lessons with lesson plans and tutorial videos that will help you take children's learning from simple algorithms and block-based programming, all the way to text-based coding.

Keep children safe online

Purple Mash enables positive online behaviours, providing the safe way for children to learn to email, blog and express themselves online.

And teacher resources support the teaching of key online safety messages.

Support the non-specialist

Quick and simple tutorials mean any teacher can teach computing with confidence.

And included lesson plans make preparation a breeze!

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Think like a computer programmer

Not only are computational thinking skills core to Computing, they help pupils apply problem solving skills to a wide range of contexts.

Explore how to think in a structured, logical way with different programs.

A tablet showing a flow chart made using 2Chart in Purple Mash by 2Simple

Go further...

A group of Purple Mash primary school digital leaders by 2Simple Ltd

Digital Leaders

Everything you'll need to set up and run a successful Digital Leader program in your school

An image representing the Purple Mash 'Mash Club' by 2Simple Ltd

Coding Club

Put children in charge of their learning with this after-school computing resource.

A parent and child using Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Parent Portal

Easily make children's work accessible to parents and carers.