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Charity football matches for teachers

#EduFootyAid is a national charity football initiative for the education community. There are already over 300 teachers playing and together we've raised over £15,000 for Mind, the mental health charity. It's open to men and women and it's free to play, so sign-up today. Games are testimonial style and take place all over the country, plus there will be another big tournament day at Bett 2021! #EduFootyAid is a wonderful way to make new friends in education, help raise money for Mind, and of course get to play some football! 

The Bett show

Regional games

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Mental health

We're using football to bring teachers together and build communities. Teaching is a stressful job and it’s important that teachers look after their mental health, and with its combination of camaraderie and exercise football is a win-win for wellbeing. #EduFootyAid matches also raise money for Mind, the country's leading mental health charity. Mind's goal is to ensure that every person experiencing a mental health problem receives the support and respect they deserve, and we think that's worth cheering on.

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Support from across the education sector

#EduFootyAid has only been made possible thanks to generous support from a growing number of companies within the education sector. We were upfront with all our sponsors, explaining that we couldn't offer much return in regards to publicity. They all answered in the same way - we are doing this to show our support for teachers and all those experiencing mental health problems. Thank you Bett, Education Show, Hyve Group, Tes, BeeDigital, Matrix Sports, Kinteract, eSchools, Dunbar Education, The Literacy Shed, PE Passport, Think-IT, and Groupcall.

If you would like to support #EduFootyAid please contact samuel@2simple.com.

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