Can 13-year-old Nat Dixon save the club he loves from relegation?

Striker Boy is a page-turning football thriller, with plenty of action both on and off the pitch.This special not-for-profit edition has been published in aid of Mind, the country's leading mental health charity. £1.40 from the sale every copy is be donated to Mind (charity number 219830)

A copy of Striker Boy (in aid of Mind) by 2Simple Ltd
A paperback, ebook and audio-book copy of Striker Boy (in aid of Mind) by 2Simple Ltd


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Enjoy it in paperback- nothing beats the feel of a real book!

Enjoy it on Kindle. This is a great option... if you have a Kindle.

Download it as an audio-book narrated by the football obsessed Jonny Gould!

The Striker Boy Campaign

We launched the Striker Boy campaign in 2017 to raise money for Mind and promote wellbeing in the education community. The campaign is in memory of Jonny Zucker, former primary school teacher and author of Striker Boy.

So far we have:

  • Raised over £10,000 for Mind
  • Delivered emotional resilience workshops for 2,000+ children
  • Established #EduFootyAid to promote teacher wellbeing
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Classroom Resources

As well as being a great story, Striker Boy is supported by a range of free resources. These include a literacy activity pack, an emotional resilience activity pack, and an emotional resilience assembly PowerPoint.

You'll also get a PDF copy of the whole book, allowing you to print and annotate sections for use in the classroom. You don't even have to buy the book to access these resources, simply use the form below.

A laptop showing the teachers resources which accompany Striker Boy (in aid of Mind) by 2Simple Ltd
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Jonny Zucker (author of Stiker Boy (in aid of Mind)) and his family enjoying a picnic


As a child, Jonny Zucker devoured any stories about football and footballers, and was especially influenced by a book called Goalkeepers are Different by Brian Glanville. He set his heart on being a writer and in particular, writing a novel that combined a football story with a thriller plot. Striker Boy is that book. On the path to becoming a writer, Jonny had worked as a primary school teacher, a FA qualified football coach and a stand up comedian. He was an avid Arsenal fan, and even at 40 he hadn’t quite given up hope of making it as a professional footballer. He lived in North London with his wife Fiona, and their three sons.