World Environment Day

May 18, 2021

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th June and is run and organised by the United Nations to raise awareness of our planet and the environment. This year the theme is ‘ #GenerationRestoration'. World Environment Day offers a global platform for inspiring positive change. It pushes for individuals to think about the way they consume; for businesses to develop greener models; for farmers and manufacturers to produce more sustainably; for governments to invest in repairing the environment; for educators to inspire students to take action; and for youth to build a greener future.

To celebrate #GenerationRestoration, we have several resources you can use on Purple Mash.

Why not write about how different animals have adapted to the environments in which they live? Some animals have adapted to the tundra, whereas others have adapted to live in the sea, the mountains and even the desert. What makes them different to survive in different climates?

Water is vital for our survival and therefore, why not write about why water pollution is so bad using our writing template. Try and persuade others about the importance of fresh and clean water. Or you could write all about how the rivers flow and why describing the features from the source all the way to the sea. You can even tell us what water is used for and look at the features of a river.

One of the biggest problems facing our seas and our land is that of littering and pollution. We need to ensure that we are working together in stopping all littering and therefore reducing waste which in turn will bring pollution levels down. Use our template to write a report about litter and why it is so bad for the environment, or alternatively create a poster about why littering is bad. You can also let us know why recycling is so important with our writing templates.

Whatever you are doing to celebrate World Environment Day, we would love to see and share your work. Tweet us @2Simplesa, or go to 2Simple South Africa (@2SimpleSA) on Facebook.