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A growing online library of books specifically written for use in primary school classrooms with the new Australian National Curriculum. The books are aimed at children aged 5-12 and come complete with a range of teacher resource packs, comprehension quizzes and extended writing activities.

Current Books

Planet Earth?

When Stuart gets home and finds someone totally different living in his house, he's freaked out, but when he gets to the bottom of the mystery things are way, way stranger than he ever thought possible.

Serpents of the Nebula

When the spaceship HMS Horizon is attacked by mighty space serpents, two young crew members, Tazz and Julam, find they are the only ones who can fight back. The only trouble is, they are spinning helplessly in space.


Teachers will save hours of planning time with our ready-to-use spelling, punctuation and grammar exercises.



Fire Bolts

Everyone deserves the chance to develop a love of reading. Fire Bolts are books aimed at low ability readers that are still exciting, age-appropiate stories they'll be proud to read.



Comprehension Quizzes

Each chapter comes with a game-show style online quiz which is perfect for doing as a class activity and ensures even the most reluctant readers stay focused throughout the chapter!



Extended Writing 

Every chapter comes with a ready-made online writing activity. They are themed around the chapter and come with a range of relevant clipart, word prompts and hints.




Serial Mash is now divided into sections that make it very easy to find the book you're looking for. Only teachers can see the reading ages associated with each section.