Parents evening made easy with Evidence Me!

Jan. 19, 2023

Evidence Me is a great professional tool to use at parents evening that will save you time and paper. This blog covers best practice in using Evidence Me to support you on the day.

Evidence Me...

  • Ensures information on each child is organised in a simple and professional manner
  • Supports you in sharing “WOW” moments and assessments with parents quickly
  • Enables you to prepare reports beforehand and access them instantly on your device
  • Helps to show progress and coverage in a way that is simple for parents to understand

Using the app at parents evening

Whether you're using Evidence Me on your mobile device or your laptop, you can access a Learner’s portfolio to quickly show parents observations of their children and how they are progressing.

Mobile App:

  1. Tap on Profiles
  2. Select the learner
  3. View recent observations and assessment data

TOP TIP: to view more observations tap on the “Observations” tab and use the filters


  1. Using the filters, view relevant observations on the “Home” screen
  2. Use the assessment area to show progress


You can prepare reports beforehand to share with parents on the day too. You can access these on the reports tab on your mobile device. Tap on the Reports tab, select the report type that you want to view and any report you have generated beforehand will be listed. Here are a few reports that we recommend.

  • EYFS Assessment Progress Report - this report will allow you to share progress of the learner with the parent (based on your assessments)
  • Framework Coverage and Progress - this report will allow you to share progress of the learner through the curriculum objectives with the parent based on the objectives that you have tagged in observations

For more guidance on how to prepare and view reports reports, please visit our help centre

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My Gallery Feature

We are currently piloting our new 'My Gallery' feature. It's a quick way to scroll through media that you have captured and would be a great additional tool for parents evening! If you are an Evidence Me customer and you would like take part in the pilot then you can join our "New Features" team by contacting support@evidence.me