Teaching Art with 2Simple

Oct. 30, 2023

Brush up on the art curriculum and how 2Simple can help teachers create amazing art lessons for their pupils with fun and interactive activities and resources.

Developing techniques using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space

One area of the art curriculum that 2Simple can help teachers with is using different art techniques. On Purple Mash, there are two tools that children can use for art purposes.


2Paint is a very simple paint tool which allows even the youngest children to choose simple, 'real-world' drawing tools to use on screen as well as progressing to more advances tools such as Flood Fill or Shape tools.

Features include:

  • Change colours and thickness of pens
  • Use different effects such as sparkle, cloud or zig-zag effects
  • Flood fill: fill an area with one colour
  • Shape tools
  • Draw lines
  • Symmetry: this creates a line of symmetry down the centre of the page, and any drawing will be reflected in this line
  • Add a background

2Paint a Picture

2Paint a Picture is a drawing tool which helps children create various painting effects and combine these effects to make pictures.

Features include:

  • Use different paint types (acrylic, poster paint, wet paint, ink)
  • Try different techniques (pointillism, splash, mosaic, collage, impressionism)
  • Moveable outlines to draw people or buildings, including perspective lines
  • More colour choice, showing how colours are created by mixing colours
  • 'Water down' your paint
  • Change brush size

Learning about the work of a range of artists

Purple Mash can also help with the research of famous artists - check out our factfile templates. Each template has background information on each artist, to help your class with their research.

We also have two blank famous artist templates, so that the children could write about any other artist. Find them here.

We would love to see any artwork your class creates. Please do email them in to us, or tag us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram 🖌🎨