Case study: Harbour Primary school

Jan. 23, 2019


In November, the 2Simple Marketing team alongside a film crew visited Harbour Primary in Newhaven, East Sussex. This school had been recommended to us by our Sales Manager Katie, for showcasing outstanding Purple Mash usage. We knew that this was a school that we had to visit!

We were welcomed warmly by the Headteacher Christine Terrey, who led us to a lesson where the class teacher Mr Silk was demonstrating coding to his year 5 pupils. The pupils were happy and enthusiastic about learning about coding, engaging with each other and their teacher on the best and most effective ways to code. The children were coding using the ‘guard the castle’ activity on 2Code which they thoroughly enjoyed.

We were fortunate enough to be given permission to film at Harbour Primary that day, where many members of staff expressed how they integrate Purple Mash in their lessons alongside the curriculum as well as the benefits to having it. We also chatted to groups of children who showed us their favourite parts of Purple Mash that they enjoy using and why. We have created a video below of our visit, enjoy!