Celebrating Eurovision with Purple Mash

May 9, 2023

Eurovision is finally here in the UK, and what a fantastic teaching opportunity it is! Children are sure to be interested in the countries participating, which lends itself to some excellent research-based geography lessons. There are plenty of opportunities for music lessons too of course, and where better to start than Purple Mash?

Explore the new Eurovision folder to find exciting resources and activities to celebrate this fun event coming to the UK.


For a Eurovision-themed English lesson, children can research and write a fact file about a country, or a fact file about an artist performing or a song review. The song review is a particularly great task for incorporating descriptive language - can they describe the outfits, the stage decor, hair and makeup with adjectives? What verbs and adverbs can they use to describe the dancing?


If you want your class to have a little refresher on statistics, then try out our Eurovision Data Task and questions: pupils will look at the graph showing countries and their winning songs, and answer questions about them. The Data Task is a PDF which is easily printable, and perfect for a starter activity.


Get budding musicians honing their talents with our array of music tools:

  • 2Explore: Play and record simple melodies by clicking on the instruments
  • 2Beat: Teach rhythm and pulse by building up various beats
  • 2Sequence: Drag and drop sounds into the grid - explore harmony and build up musical scores
  • Busy Beats: Experiment with sound and create real music

Within the music folder you'll also find quizzes, research and writing projects, mashcams and paint projects. Why not create a Eurovision display board with some of your students' work? Music made on Purple Mash could be displayed via a QR code (see this website to do that: QR Code Generator)


Eurovision is a chance to travel (virtually) around the world and with our resources, we make that trip even easier! Research flags for the Eurovision countries and design some Eurovision bunting, or a Eurovision Flag. Do some research on the countries taking part and write a Country Factfile, or bring things a little closer to home and write a Liverpool Factfile.

As always, we would love to see any work your students complete! Please share and tag us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.