Celebrating King Charles III's Coronation with Purple Mash

April 18, 2023

Are you celebrating the coronation of King Charles III in your school? The Education Team here at 2Simple has been busy creating some royally good resources for you and your class!

When is King Charles III’s Coronation?

The Coronation and celebrations will take place over the weekend of 6th-8th May 2023, with the religious ceremony of the Coronation happening on Saturday 6th May 2023 at Westminster Abbey, London.

Over the course of the weekend, there are several celebrations occurring:

  • Coronation Big Lunches will be happening over the whole of the weekend
  • Saturday 6th May: the Coronation Ceremony takes place
  • Sunday 7th May: a Coronation concert will be performed at Windsor Castle
  • Monday 8th May: a Bank Holiday has been given, as an opportunity for people to join in with the Big Help Out activities

The official Coronation website has created a toolkit full of resources which you can find here.

Planning a Celebration with your class

If you're celebrating in school, there are lots of things you can get the children involved in to get them excited about the big event! We've even created a Display Board where classes can share their work, and get ideas: King Charles III and the Coronation Display Board

They can plan a Coronation Big Lunch, thinking up a delicious menu and planning the street party decorations and activities. They can plan how they can help their community with the Big Help Out planner and promote the events with a Coronation Poster. In the lead up to the event, your students can design a crown, bunting and even a celebration cake!

2Paint Coronation

The Traditions and History behind the Coronation

An event such as the Coronation is a fantastic time to teach your class about the history and traditions behind it. Complete the Coronation Timeline with your class to see a history of monarchs from 1066 to present day - your students will be able to remember some of the Kings and Queens they have learned about before! Go through our Queen Elizabeth Coronation slideshow and then compare her coronation to that of King Charles III with our Coronation Comparison resource. Find out more about our new King and Queen Consort and write about them with a biography:

Students can also learn about the Commonwealth, and research where the King is a monarch, as well as writing about how the Commonwealth countries will be celebrating the Coronation.

After the Coronation

When the long weekend is over, we have a few writing projects for children to be able to write about their experiences and what they learned about the Coronation:

As always, we would love to see any work your students complete! Tag us on social media, or share their work on our specially made Coronation Display Board.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating the Coronation!