Egg-citing Easter Activities

March 4, 2024

We’ve put together a cracking set of Easter-themed resources for your pupils to use at this egg-cellent time of year. There’s so much fun packed into this collection of activities it’s bound to bring as much joy as opening an Easter egg.

Writing Projects

There’s a large selection of Easter story related writing tasks in the Easter area. Children get the chance to complete their very own digital story book with the 2Create a Story Easter Story Starter. Alternatively, they could watch a short video and then write a letter to a friend explaining the Easter story.

Older children may want to write a Newspaper Report about the Crucifixion, or watch Oakley and Brody's video about how they celebrate Easter and then write about it - can they compare it to how they celebrate Easter using this writing template?

Easter blog
Easter game

Games and quizzes

There’s everything here from an Easter Bunny game to not one, but two different types of Easter egg hunts. The Easter Bunny game sees children fly the bunny’s plane in a race against time to catch all the falling eggs before they hit the ground.

Then there are the Easter egg hunts. The first is a 3D game created using 2DIY3D in which players must collect all the eggs in the maze while avoiding the baddies lurking around every corner. Once they complete the first level they can have a go at extending the game by adding their own level. For younger learners of code, there’s a 2Go egg hunt. Here, children have to accurately program their bunny to collect all the eggs on the screen using logo commands. It’s a great way to practise basic command programming at this time of year.

Older children might want to watch our video and put the Stations of the Cross in order.

Fun activities and paint projects

For something without eggs or bunnies there’s a Spring flowers animation. Can children create their own animation from the template provided?

And of course, there’s the obligatory Easter Bunny Mashcam to give children the chance to be the Easter Bunny themselves. But who will they give their eggs to? There’s only one way to find out. Try the Mashcam!

Explore the full variety in the Easter area, where you’ll also find more paint projects like the ones below.

Whatever you do to celebrate Easter, we hope you all have an egg-cellent spring term! We would love to see all your egg-ceptional work via Twitter or our Facebook page.