Explore The Lab on Purple Mash

May 26, 2023

Need something interesting and exciting to engage your pupils who are working at Greater Depth in Computing? Let them loose in The Lab on Purple Mash and see what they can create!

What is The Lab?

The Lab is an experimental, beta area of Purple Mash where our Development Team can create fun activities and let your students try them out before they are released on Purple Mash.

The Lab (1)

It gives great opportunities for creativity and discussion amongst your class, and we welcome feedback. We're keen to hear any great ideas they might have to make the activities even better!

How do I access The Lab?

To find The Lab in Purple Mash, just enter your drop down menu and it's listed near the bottom. It will take you straight into The Lab!

The Lab1

What can students do in The Lab?

Currently, we have two activities in The Lab:

Python Painting where children can use Python coding to control Purple Mash painting tools! Can they create a picture drawn with code?

LogoBot where students can use the Purple Mash Logo program to move either a MiniBit or Kitronik robot.

Both activities come with instructions (phew!) as well as a feedback form. We'd really love to know what you and your students think of these activities, so do let us know!

We would love to see any work your class creates from any of our Lab programmes. Please do email them in to us, or tag us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram 💻