Game On for the 2024 Games Design Competition

March 26, 2024

Boot up your systems, our Games Design competition is back!

Using tools in Purple Mash, we are looking for the best games designers to work together as a team to produce a two-level game based on the theme of Around the World that showcases their creativity and computing skills.

2DIY 3D egg

The Games Design Competition is open to Purple Mash users. If you don't have a Purple Mash subscription, you can still enter by getting a free trial!

What you need to know

Objective: Teams of 6 children should design a two-level game using 2DIY 3D on the theme of Around the World.

Ages: The competition is aimed at 9-11 year olds, but younger children are welcome to enter.

Prizes: Schools will have the opportunity to win 6 Amazon Fire tablets, a 1 year subscription to Purple Mash, books from DK Learning and will be invited to Amazon HQ in London for the final day to pitch their games and receive their goody bags.

First Round: Schools can submit one game to their regional Display Board. These are open for submissions from January 29th until May 3rd (5pm). Regional winners will then be contacted as soon as possible.

Grand Final: Regional winners will be invited to pitch their games to a panel of industry experts, the event will take place at Amazon Web Services’ London office on 18th June. Those unable to attend in person will be able to attend via remote link or submit video entries.

How to enter

Teams of six children from across the world should work together to design a computer game using Purple Mash game design tool 2DIY 3D. The game should be based around the theme of Around the World and have two levels. We’ve aimed the competition at 9–11-year-olds, but younger children are welcome to enter.

Once design teams are happy with their game, they should submit it to their teacher for approval.

Schools can only submit one game each, but we encourage you to involve as many children as possible. They might be Digital Leaders, members of a code club, or any children with an interest in digital technology. You might like to form multiple design teams, then hold an internal competition within your school to choose the best game, which you can then submit to your regional Display Board.

The Games Design Competition area

To support children with the design of their games we’ve created a series of resources for the teams to use, as well as a simple slideshow to talk through the games design process on whiteboards. These can all be found in the Classroom Resources folder within the Games Design Competition area. This is where you can also find everything else you need to know about the competition.

The Competition area also includes example games, the Display Boards where you can submit your school’s entry as well as play other games, help videos and user guides.

Try Purple Mash to enter

This competition requires a subscription to Purple Mash to enter. If you're not a current subscriber and would like to take part, find out more about Purple Mash and register for a free trial here. Once registered, you'll be able to access all of the tools and resources needed to enter the competition. Who knows? You may even win!

Happy gaming and good luck!