Independent Study shows impact of Purple Mash

Nov. 2, 2022


Earlier this year, 2Simple commissioned an independent research review to identify the extent to which Purple Mash supports the aims and requirements of the National Curriculum for Computing, and how it delivers on our aim to provide excellent, accessible and inspiring software which encourages children to love learning, raises standards and reduces teacher workload.


Data was generated through engagement with 6,328 teachers, school leaders and children from across 1,003 schools in England between January 2022 and July 2022 utilising a range of methods. This included surveys and questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, observations, usage and analytics reports. Qualitative and quantitative analysis methods drew out a wide range of findings. 

Key findings

Data analysis surfaced a number of themes across schools and trusts, including that:

  • 90% of teachers reported that Purple Mash had directly increased their Competence in teaching Computing (see p.64).
  • 85% of children surveyed were enthusiastic about learning coding – significantly higher than typically seen in the learning of computing - with Purple Mash seen as making a significant contribution towards engaging more girls with computing (see p.14 & 42).
  • Purple Mash ensures consistent High-Quality Learning for children, whether they are being taught by a specialist or non-specialist teacher (see p.31), with 75% of teachers reporting a direct impact on the effectiveness of teaching and learning (p.69).
  • just under 1/3 of teachers reported that children using Purple Mash were more likely to exceed National Curriculum Age Related Expectations ARE in Computing.
  • Purple Mash is seen as Highly Inclusive, Widely Accessible and Deeply Trusted by teachers, parents and children as well as by inspectors (see p.11, 40, 44, 56).
  • Purple Mash embeds metacognition, formative feedback, balancing of cognitive load and spiral learning, which are evidenced as making a significant impact on raising attainment (see p.20 & 22).
  • Purple Mash motivates children to engage in independent, creative learning across the curriculum – building self-esteem as well as skills, with over 85% of children surveyed choosing to use Purple Mash to extend their learning at home (see p. 47 & 56).
  • 98% of teachers and leaders surveyed reported that Purple Mash effectively scaffolds children from first experiences online towards confident use of secondary school and workplace technologies (see p.18 & 31).
  • 91% of teachers using Purple Mash embed formative assessment and individualised learning pathways routinely into computing lessons– compared with 48% of those using other computing solutions (see p.27).
  • 94% of teachers reported Purple Mash as improving teaching efficiency and 89% reported Purple Mash as a significant contributor in reducing teacher workload (p.69).

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