Introducing Top 10s!

Sept. 5, 2023

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We’re letting children choose the books we make!

Purple Mash Publishing are thrilled to announce ‘Top 10s’, an exciting new book series from the award-winning creators of the Purple Mash education platform. No more stuffy adults telling children what to read, we’re letting the kids decide!

Through Top 10s, children will be brought together with a team of expert brainiacs, hilarious authors, and awe-inspiring illustrators, to turn their ideas into a colourful and engaging book, with both print and digital copies created. The books will be packed full of interesting info, fun facts, and silly jokes, with links to cool and creative online Purple Mash projects.

How Will the Ideas Be Chosen?

The books will follow a ‘Top 10s’ format, with every child able to submit their own idea for the Top 10s list they’d most like to see, e.g. The Top 10 deep-sea fish... the Top 10 children who changed the world... the Top 10 delicious cakes… or whatever terrific topic they can think of!

After all the ideas have been submitted, children will get to vote on a shortlist of finalists. Together, they will pick their winner using Purple Mash’s in-built polling tool, 2Survey.

Once a winning topic is chosen, we’ll get the production process started!

To top it all off, after a theme is selected, the children will get to author and illustrate their own version of the chosen Top 10s topic, submitting them to be included in the final book, with several lucky winners having their list printed!

We can’t wait to get to work on bringing some brilliant ideas to life, and we’re excited to see what you come up with!

We’re hoping to publish our first book in Summer 2024. Here’s a quick look at the timeline from entry to publication:

Autumn Term: 

- Initial Submissions Taken
- Finalists Published

Spring Term:

- Public Voting
- Winner Chosen
- Professional List Produced
- Children's' Lists on Chosen Topic Submitted

Summer Term:

- Book Published!

To help you get started, I’ve included a few of my own Top 10 lists below! Do you agree with my Delicious Dessert rankings? Would you add any others to my Top 10 Sea Creatures? Take a look and see what you think...

3 Top 10s Image

Top 10 Sea Creatures:

  1. Great White Shark
  2. Blue Whale
  3. Dolphin
  4. Sea Turtle
  5. Jellyfish
  6. Clownfish
  7. Octopus
  8. Squid
  9. Sea Horse
  10. Blobfish

Top 10 Delicious Desserts:

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. Brownies
  3. Ice Cream
  4. Birthday Cake
  5. Apple Crumble
  6. Jelly
  7. Scones
  8. Chocolate Mousse
  9. Fruit Salad
  10. Doughnuts

Top 10 Magic Modern Inventions:

  1. Aeroplanes
  2. Light Bulbs
  3. Cars
  4. Telephones
  5. Computers
  6. The Internet
  7. Trains
  8. Games Consoles
  9. Microscopes
  10. Cameras

Now that you’ve seen my Top 10s, it’s time to start thinking about what topic you’d choose. What would make your list? Get ready - our first round of submissions opens soon!

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