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Aug. 10, 2023

Designing 3D games is a brilliant way to challenge children of all abilities across multiple subject areas. It’s about a lot more than just technology and combines several disciplines. Games designers are usually part of a team including programmers, developers, artists and animators working together to transform ideas into the finished game.

2DIY 3D allows users to create a themed maze with 'treasure' and 'baddies' that affect the player's success. The maze is played in a 3D view. Pupils can add instructions for their game and can choose various customization options. The games are really adaptable and finished mazes can be shared in a number of ways.

There are two game modes:

My Simple Game

As the name suggests, My Simple Game makes game design simpler by limiting the design options available to children. It is only possible to build one level and there is just one kind of wall and one kind of scenery, such as trees, that can be used, making it ideal for younger learners.

My Game

Meanwhile, My Game mode includes up to five levels, two types of walls and two types of scenery that can be completely customised using templates, other Purple Mash tools such as 2Paint, or imported from elsewhere. There are more audio options too.

Ideas and inspiration

2DIY 3D games are really adaptable to whatever topic you are studying from nature themes to Greek Labyrinths, designing games is a fantastic way for children to develop a narrative. It might be based on a theme or a favourite Serial Mash book for example. Using the same characters from their favourite book, they could retell the story, or develop it further, imagining what happened before the story began or what happens after it finishes.

The ability to build up to five levels allows children to really develop a story over time and there are resources within the 2DIY 3D area that help with this. Head there and you’ll see two different types of game planners, one which is a leaflet template, and one that uses 2Connect to enable children to plan their games together remotely, in real-time. There is also a printable background grid that could be laminated and re-used by children as they work together to plan each level of their games. There are also plenty of showcase games and videos for inspiration.

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Sharing your game

We'd love to see what your students create with 2DIY 3D, so please share their games with us via Facebook or Twitter.

Happy gaming!