Meet our new Mashcot!

July 2, 2024

Recently, Purple Mash held a competition for students to design its first ever mascot. Thousands of entries were received, through the post and via email, with lots of colourful and creative designs. The 2Simple team were really impressed with the design skills of all our users, and there were lots of fantastic ideas.

Amalia's Trip to 2Simple

Amalia travelled a long way especially to come to the 2Simple office to help the team finalise the mascot's look. She travelled down with her dad, and teacher, Mr Lee, who were both extremely proud of Amalia and her brilliant design.

The day started with Amalia meeting some of the 2Simple team members, including Mo - one of our programmers. Mo showed Amalia how some of the games on Purple Mash are coded.

Amalia also met our Graphic Designer, Brett, and worked with him to tweak the digital version of her design, adding colour to different elements and drawing different expressions for the mascot's face.

Amalia using the graphics tablet

Merch 1 (2)

Next, Amalia helped the 2Simple marketing team with some merchandise choices. There were lots of options to choose from including keyrings, bags, water bottles, notebooks... and more! Watch this space to see what merchandise the new mascot will be featured on.

For the last part of the day, Amalia presented her mascot to the 2Simple team and answered questions about her design and future ideas for the mascot. Are you ready to meet the mashcot?

Meet... Cody!

We are thrilled to introduce you to a very special new member of the Purple Mash family: Cody, our brand-new mascot!


Cody is a friendly, fun-loving character who is here to make learning with Purple Mash even more exciting. With Cody, every activity becomes an adventure! Cody loves to explore all the different tools on Purple Mash and create and learn new things.

Cody-Themed Activities

To celebrate Cody's arrival, we have lined up some amazing Cody-themed activities for you on Purple Mash. These activities are not only fun but also a great way to show off your creativity and get to know Cody better.

Get Started

Ready to dive into the fun with Cody? Log in to Purple Mash and check out the Cody-themed activities today. Pictures of Cody are also available in the Purple Mash clipart, so you can add him to your coding, writing and other projects. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you create and the adventures you’ll have with Cody.

Thank you once again to Amalia for her brilliant design and to all the pupils who participated in the Design a Mashcot competition. We'd love to see what you create with the new Cody activities - tag us on social media, or email work to us at community@2simple.com.