The new Ofsted framework

Oct. 29, 2019


Ofsted have recently released their new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) with several changes that replace the current Common Inspection Framework (CIF). Concerns were raised that the curriculum became second place to performance measures and preparation for tests, meaning many, especially in disadvantaged and SEND schools, were not getting access to a rich, broad and deep curriculum.

The new framework includes 4 key judgements; the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development and leadership and management. One thing we know several teachers are worried about is the Ofsted Deep Dive.

The Ofsted Deep Dive is an area that slots into the 'Quality of Education' judgement. This judgement focuses, particularly on the curriculum. Ofsted will draw heavily on the working definition of curriculum to define this. The concepts of ‘intent’, ‘implementation’ and ‘impact’ will be assessed. The Deep Dive is a way in which Ofsted can gather evidence on each concept and assess the quality of education.

The deep dive process is key and in primary school, inspectors will always carry out a deep dive in reading and then in one or more other subjects depending on the size of the school. In addition, a deep dive may often be carried out in Maths. This is different to the old system when only English and Maths were inspected. Basically, any other subject could be inspected, with less than a day’s notice there’s a need to be prepared across all subjects, whether that be Computing, Geography, PE, History etc.

Deep dives will also include an evaluation of the senior leaders’ intent for the curriculum and their understanding of the intent and impact, as well as the rationale for the content choices and curriculum sequencing and this, will include scrutiny of pupil’s work. Inspectors will be trained to scrutinise all kinds of work, this includes digital work, performances (PE) etc. Scrutinising the work is not about judging the learner’s ability, rather whether it is the kind of work that supports the original intention in the curriculum, i.e. in Angle Saxon England in History, they aren’t just making a belt of one of the kings.

To help you out, our Education team here at 2Simple have created the ‘Deep Dive in Computing’ resource for all teachers. This guide will support you with suggested support for some questions you might be asked when inspected on Computing.

If you are a Purple Mash subscriber, go here and if you are not currently subscribed to Purple Mash, please download your free copy of the Deep Dive in Computing information booklet below 👇 .

Not only do we have the Deep Dive in Computing resource available for yourselves, all of our products help primary teachers be the experts in everything, giving teachers the resources to be confident in teaching all subjects, from computing to PE; and they're all housed in platforms designed to save teacher time.

Purple Mash is our whole-curriculum platform which has over 9000 educational resources, lesson plans and schemes of work that support the 'Quality of Education' judgement. With any subject being chosen for inspection across the curriculum, the tools built-in will save you time with data reporting and the ability to assign objectives and judgements.

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The new Ofsted framework has a huge focus on supporting teachers to reduce their workload and ensuring consideration has been given to planning, marking and assessment issues.

Evidence Me supports the 'Quality of Education' judgement, and the 'Leadership and Management' judgement of the new Ofsted framework. With a huge focus on supporting teachers to reduce workload, and ensuring consideration is given to planning, marking and assessment, Evidence Me can help you. It has been designed by teachers, for teachers, and simplifies assessment and reporting processes, alongside several other standout features.

Striver is our new PE and wellbeing platform which not only includes a full PE scheme of work with over 250 lessons, it also includes 6 dedicated wellbeing units which support the 'Personal Development' judgement, as the units are designed to develop a learners' character, build resilience and teach pupils' how to keep physically and mentally healthy.

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