Purple Mash Browser App

March 7, 2023

We've been working very hard behind the scenes to bring our tablet users something very special: our Purple Mash Browser App.

🍏 Download for iOS

🤖 Download for Android

What is the Purple Mash Browser App and why do I need it?

Our new Purple Mash Browser App allows you to use Purple Mash more effectively on tablets, without the need to use a browser like Safari or Chrome. Our browser app has no tab bar, meaning that there is more space given to using Purple Mash, and that users can only access Purple Mash: more peace of mind in the classroom for you, as children will stay on Purple Mash.


The browser app also removes gesture controls, so that children are able to drag and drop within Purple Mash without the browser moving or closing.

How do I get the Purple Mash Browser App?

You can download the browser app from the Apple App Store, or from the Android App Store. Please note, the browser app is optimised for tablets, and may be too small on phones to be used effectively.

Check out our video for more information on how to get it set up on your devices: