Fund your Purple Mash subscription by increasing your letting revenue with Sharesy

Sept. 12, 2023

Did you know you can uncover an untapped revenue stream to fund your Purple Mash subscription or any other school resources? With Sharesy, your school becomes a viable venue for a multitude of events, that boost your financial income.

More about Sharesy

Sharesy empowers schools to harness their existing spaces for additional revenue. By listing your school's venues on Sharesy, you open the doors to workshops, events, and gatherings, transforming idle spaces into bustling hubs of activity. This innovative approach not only boosts your school's budget but also provides the means to fund essential educational resources like your Purple Mash subscription.

Creating a venue listing on Sharesy is straightforward and hassle-free. Showcase your school's facilities, whether it's a spacious auditorium, a well-equipped conference room, or even outdoor sports areas.

sharesy - Purple Mash Header

Exclusive offer for Purple Mash schools 

All Purple Mash customers who partner with Sharesy will receive a reduced 15% commission for 3 months. Right now Sharesy are focused on building a network of listings in London only. If you're outside London and interested you can register your details on their website.

Funding your Purple Mash subscription

The revenue you generate through Sharesy can be a significant contribution to funding your essential educational tools, like Purple Mash. Purple Mash has been integrated into the teaching and learning practices in over 7,000 schools and offers an exciting mash-up of curriculum-focused activities, interactive tools and resources to support and inspire creative learning every day.

To support schools who fundraise through Sharesy, we're offering existing Purple Mash subscribers a free CPD session for their entire school and waiving the set-up fee (usually £150) for new subscribers.

If you already list your school with Sharesy you can find out how to claim this offer by clicking the button below.