Rugby Six Nations Pack

Jan. 4, 2024

Rubgy Six Nations Pack_1

The Six Nations Men’s rugby tournament kicks off on the 2nd February 2024, this annual competition between England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales sees teams play either home or away. Ireland are current champions. The Women’s Six Nations begins on March 2024 and involves the same nations.

What's included in the pack

This pack includes a range of resources from our PE and wellbeing platform Striver as well as some printable resources from Purple Mash, which we've also made available online, for free, in case you wanted to save printing costs.

  • Personal Best activities
    Within Striver, each unit has a personal best activity that children take at the beginning and end of each unit to see how they have developed throughout the unit. We have included two rugby-themed personal best activities for you to try during a PE lesson.
  • Lesson plans for years 1, 3 & 5
    These lesson plans have been taken from the Rugby unit within Striver, we have included the years that these are aimed at but all can be adjusted for any year group.
  • Writing activities
    You'll also find some printable activities from Purple Mash, which encourage children to practice their writing skills and unleash their creativity while exploring rugby-related themes. These activities offer a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in imaginative storytelling, persuasive writing, and descriptive language use.
  • Paint and MashCam activities
    Children can also imagine themselves as a star player or get creative by designing their own Rugby shirt.

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