Striver - Government PE Non-Statutory Guidance

May 1, 2024

Meeting the new government PE guidance

In March, the Department for Education introduced non-statutory guidance on enhancing the provision of physical education and improving access to sport in school.

The guidance emphasizes the recommended minimum of 2 hours of PE per week and the importance of ensuring equality of access to PE and extra-curricular school sport and competition.

Striver and meeting the new government guidance.

Striver offers various features that align with the examples provided by the government, showcasing successful approaches to implementing PE improvement. ​Here are some key highlights:

Embedding PE and school sport into the school ethos and culture: ​

  • Teachers have access to all the information they need to deliver exceptional PE lessons, with a clear outline of how lessons will be delivered throughout the entire year. ​
  • Data from every teacher is synced together online, enabling the generation of powerful whole-school reports, progress tracking, and attainment reports. ​

School approaches to timetabling at least 2 hours of curriculum PE: ​

  • Striver is designed to upskill staff, making PE accessible to teachers from all backgrounds. ​
  • Lesson plans include images, diagrams, and videos to guide teachers every step of the way. ​

School approaches to ensuring a high level of uptake in extra-curricular sports and physical activity: ​

  • Striver offers a free active lunchtimes pack, allowing children to lead games and activities during lunchtime and break times. ​
  • Pupil Voice activities and Survey Tools within Striver's PE leader toolkit can help tailor strategic sport plans. ​

Delivering equal opportunity to access PE and sport programs: ​

  • Striver encourages individual progression and a growth mindset through 'Personal Best Activities' at the beginning and end of each unit. ​

For a full report on the new government guidance, how successful schools met these aims, and how Striver can help you in this, download our free guide.