Be inspection ready

A simple yet powerful leadership and management tool that helps schools prepare for inspections in a fraction of the normal time.

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What is Coach?

An easy-to-use improvement tool that helps schools become good and outstanding in their Ofsted inspections. It covers your school’s self-evaluation, improvement planning and inspection preparation. It combines top quality consultancy with state-of-the-art technology to simplify the process of school self-evaluation. Coach has been created to take the pressure off school leaders, dramatically reducing the time & effort involved in self-evaluation.

Coach was written in partnership with Focus Education, a company that has provided advice and support to schools for 25 years.


Self Evaluation for the New Ofsted Inspection Framework

This professional development tool shows you in detail what is expected of a good and outstanding school, evaluates your schools' effectiveness and collects and stores evidence.

A tablet showing the new Ofsted framework dashboard inside Inspection Coach by 2Simple Ltd

A unique “Live View” of the new OFSTED Inspection Framework

You can immediately see what the school does well and where improvement is needed.

An image showing multiple stakeholders within a school for Inspection Coach by 2Simple Ltd

Share with staff and governors

Upload evidence and create actions for your school improvement plan as you go along.

An image showing an example Ofsted self-evaluation report made using Inspection Coach by 2Simple Ltd

Download documents

A self-evaluation summary draft document is automatically produced for you to edit online or export to Word or PDF.

Coach follows a popular process for self-evaluation

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