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2Simple is a trusted name in education with over 20+ years experience in providing schools and teachers with award winning resources. Our secondary range includes an Education resource which supports KS3 coding, a Leadership resource which helps schools prepare for inspections and manage improvement planning, and an online guided reading library of books and activities for Year 7s.


Serial Mash

Serial Mash is a serialised online library of books and guided reading activities designed to inspire students to develop a love of reading and to provide resources to support busy teachers in the classroom.

Through the publication of bespoke weekly fiction, Serial Mash leaves every chapter on a cliff hanger encouraging students to keep returning to find out what happens next, while the accompanying resources ensure students develop the skills to become higher level readers.


Serial Mash includes home access for all students and can be accessed on tablets as well as the web.

The DfE's literacy catch up funding says 'computer based interventions which involve students reading eBooks or eTextbooks online in order to improve pupils understanding of text' can help those who are low-attaining in literacy. Serial Mash is an online guided-reading tool that contains several eBooks that are enjoyable for all students.

Each book comes with associated comprehension activities, all automatically recorded in students' reading journals, and the ability for teachers to see how much and how often students are reading.

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Serial Mash
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Python in Pieces

Python in Pieces is an interactive coding environment, designed to build student and teacher confidence in the text-based coding language of Python. With the ability to easily translate from block-code to Python, in BOTH directions, students will quickly become empowered to progress from the expectations of KS2 through to KS3.

The guided lessons allow students to manage their own learning and teacher solution guides enable teachers to support student learning at every step.

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Students loved working on the Python in Pieces environment, even students who had not been totally engaged in coding before were enthusiastic.

Kay Sawbridge, Faculty Leader IT and Computing
Caroline Chisholm School
Kay Sawbridge, Faculty leader IT and Computing

Coach & Improvement Hub

With Coach and Hub you'll have everything you need to support you through your school's self-evaluation and improvement planning. Combining top-quality consultancy with state-of-the-art technology it simplifies the process of school self-evaluation and improvement planning.

The platforms have been designed to take the pressure off school leaders and heads of departments, dramatically reducing time and resourcing required to create focused improvement plans.

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inspection coach hero image.png

It really focuses our school self evaluation on the elements of the framework we need to. It breaks out self evaluation into manageable elements which just makes a huge job of reviewing and evaluating a little bit easier!

Rachel Jacques
Bowker Vale
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